Willful landfill was cancelled at Karajala slaughterhouse

On January 18, the second business forum carried out in Telavi municipality. MOLI in Kakheti project facilitates to develop constructive dialogue between regional government and local business sector. In this regard, at the forums small and medium scale enterprises and municipality representatives attend and discuss on different crucial issues.

At the forum, attendants discussed about several issues. One of the attendants discussed about the willful landfill. According to the problem discussed by Sandro Megutnishvili, the entrepreneur of “Georgian Meat Products” slaughterhouse, at the landfill local rural dwellers were throwing various building and domestic waste materials. Due to the safe production regulations, he asked to local government to solve the problem.

Telavi municipality studied the case and they put the restriction sign and fine 200 GEL.

After that, people don’t throw wastes anymore.



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