Dairy forum

On November, 28 Kakheti dairy forum was carried out in Ambassadori hotel, Kachreti, conference hall. 

The forum was facilitated by MOLI in Kakheti. 

The project is implementing by HEKS/EPER office in South Caucasus with the support of the Swiss Government. 

At the forum, small and medium scale dairies, related governmental sector, international and local experts discussed about the product realization by the registered business operators which is one of the main problems in the milk sector. 

Within the framework of Euro Association agreement the registered dairies are obliged to make big investments to conform international standards. Accordingly, this kind of investments rise price on unit. Whereas the non-registered dairies operating without any rules and standards and produce milk and milk products cause unfair competitiveness. 

In this regard, consumers buy from milk products produced in non-registered dairies and do not have the information about the products they obtain. Accordingly, consumers’ law is unsaved. 

In order to solve the above mentioned problems, they decided to create working group. 




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